Power Parts Supply B.V. is specialised in the delivery and installation of the best electric heating equipment. Suitable for all diesel and gasoline engines, hydraulic oil, (diesel)fuel, transmission fluid, water (buffer tanks, swimmingpools, etc), batteries and more. We use the best quality (pre)heaterunits from our first-class manufactures like Kim Hotstart, Hilzinger, Carlor en Calix. Also we produce custom made heaters (and heaterspirals) for special applications.

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  • Saves warm-up time
  • Reduces engine wear due to low water jacket temperature
  • Immediate flow of warm oil to critical engine parts
  • Stops destructive condensation and the forming of sludge in oil
  • Warm oil allows easier starts and prolongs battery life
  • Saves fuel
  • Provides immediate defrosting
  • Extends time between overhauls
  • All parts replaceable
  • Easy to service
  • Models available with an integrated pump system
  • Thermostat control available and recommended for all models
  • Models designed for heating transmission fluid, hydraulic oil and diesel fuel
  • Most models classified weather tight
  • Many models available for Class I, Group D applications
  • Various voltages and phases available
  • Protects the environment
  • Generator sets
  • Automotive
  • Marine engines
  • Industry
  • Off-shore
  • Vehicles, trucks and busses
  As mentioned Power Parts Supply B.V. also provides the design and installation of so-called "winterpackages" of (offshore / onshore) equipment. Examples of this equipment are rockdrills, lifting cranes, drag-lines, trucks, pumpunits, generator sets which are located in cold environments like the Northern part of Russia, Siberia etc. Installation will be normally done in our workshop which has all required facillities. Also it is possible that Power Parts Supply B.V. will supply the package of heaters with all connections, hoses, electrics etc. and that installation will be done by customer / direct on location.
  Rockdrills, based in Siberië, fully equiped with preheating systems, which are designed and installed by Power Parts Supply.
  Whitehorse preheating systems Power Parts Supply
  Truckpulling ; Team White Horse uses preheaters from Power Parts Supply.