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Calix engine heaters

Calix engine heaters are specially designed and tested to meet your needs. Clearly, the colder it is outside, the more you stand to gain by using an engine heater, but you can also use an engine heater in summer with a clear conscience.

Whatever the time of year, there is not as much wear on an engine if it is already warm on startup. By avoiding cold starting you also reduce fuel consumption, which results in reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons.
And that's good for the environment and your wallet!  more info >

engine heater Calix


Calix battery chargers

Calix battery chargers ensure that you always have
a charged battery.

  battery charger Calix
There is a lot to be gained with a battery charger from Calix. It is installed in the car as a part of the Calix car heating system, and then automatically checks the battery and ensures that it is always fully charged.

The Calix BL 1206e battery charger also meets E mark requirements (EMC, electromagnetic compatibility) and does not interfere either with starting from cold, the car's electronic equipment or other advanced electronics, such as, for example, those in ambulances and taxi cabs. more info >


Calix cabin heaters

Calix cabin heaters are tried and tested for differing cabin volumes and heating requirements.

Calix cabin heaters have a modern and ingenious design. Using a special ring support, the heater is set up on its end, and the airflow is directed upwards.

  cabin heater Calix

The warm air is quickly dispersed throughout the cabin and you obtain maximum power output within a very short time. Cabin heaters are self-regulating, which means that the power output is automatically adapted to the temperature in the cabin; the colder the cabin, the greater the power output.  more info >


  Calix tank heaters

The tank heater maintains the hydraulic oil's working temperature during short stoppages or overnight shutdowns. All you have to do is plug it
in and the system is ready to use!  

  tank heater Calix
The benefits are huge:

Machinery can be used more quickly after start-up
It saves fuel and improves utilisation
It reduces unplanned stoppages
It extends the service life of the components of your hydraulic system
It's environmentally friendly thanks to lower exhaust emissions  more info >